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Bringing most sophisticated interiors to Hokkaido

If we consider the beauty of Hokkaido, which is admired all over the world, as "outside”,
World standards are also applied to the "inside″' interior.
By adding a sense of ingenuity and style to furniture, fabrics, lighting, etc.
You can transform a space from one that only serves a function to one filled with well-being.
I offer interior planning ranging from low price to high end.

Mayu Hayakawa

Licensed Architect / Qualified Interior Planner

Representative of cuma. Majored architect and interior design at an art school in Tokyo.  I gained planning experience at interior design companies of Italy, Switzerland and Scandinavia.  Proposals were well received by wide range of customers for their offices, commercial or educational facilities, and housings. Lives in Sapporo since 2020.

"Meeting with customers inspires ideas. I come up with the best plan for them, even if it is something they never imagined.  I have received repeated orders and referrals. It is my pleasure to make everyone's time better in the space I have planned.

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